About Kitty & Santa

Katie and Savannah (AKA Kitty & Santa) met going into their freshman year of high school. Having been introduced through mutual friends, they didn’t care much for each other in the beginning. Things took a turn when Katie’s mom asked Savannah to help plan Katie’s surprise sweet 16th birthday party. Not really knowing any of Katie’s friends, Savannah started inviting random people in school and with her lack of effort and social anxiety a party of 5 girls was formed for the special day. Katie was definitely surprised to see a small table of girls, whom she didn’t know very well, and Savannah scream ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’ when she walked into a local diner. The birthday dinner went well and after a few cups of lemonade the girls sat on a roof top enjoying the night when Katie brought up a brilliant idea “I think we should be best friends!” Savannah was confused but thought her party planning skills definitely paid off this time “Okay.” she responded and that was that. Best Friends Forever.

After Graduating from high school Katie went to Illinois State University where she graduated with a degree in early childhood education . Savannah went to Southern Illinois University for 2 years and then graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a degree in commercial tourism.

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After being apart for 5 years they decided it was time for a change. They both packed their bags and headed to sunny San Diego where they spent the next 2.5 years seeking adventure in Southern California. Life consisted of lounging in their PB beach front apartment, sunsets in their sandy backyard, Padres baseball games, Taco Tuesdays, Chicago sports bars, sitting in the sun, hiking Torrey Pines, camping in Big Sur, stand up paddle boarding, bloody mary’s & famous Rocky’s burgers, kayaking, concerts, long walks around the bay, Mexican food, Wine tasting in Temecula, Shamu & Sea World and more road trips to Vegas than one could ever imagine.

Life is San Diego was more than they could have ever asked for. Katie & Savannah met the most amazing friends that will be in their lives forever! After spending a few years working as a full time nanny in SD Katie decided she wanted to see the world and use her teaching degree abroad. Savannah was also in limbo after graduation, knowing eventually that she wanted to pursue a career in acting she decided that this would also be the best time for an adventure, and who wouldn’t want to travel with their best friend?!  So they got their TESOL certification, put in their months notice at work, had a garage sale and sold all their belongings, put their cars up for sale & packed their bags for a summer vacation of a life time 🙂

****A special thanks to Kyle, Mary & Shannon for helping us both in establishing our lives in San Diego. Thank you for the opportunities you sent our way, thank you for accepting us into your family, and thank you for making our time in Pacific Beach a memorable experience!!

Thank you to Phil, Jill, Brandon & Alex for being such wonderful friends and allowing us to stay with you while we coordinated our move. Your friendship means the world to us!!

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have supported us in our move abroad, we cant wait to share this amazing experince with you all!!

XO ~ Kitty & Santa


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